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Pia #

pia-march-2017Pia was born in 2002 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida (which has been surgically addressed), infantile cerebral palsy, club feet, slight lower paraparesis, and mild developmental delays.

Listed: Feb 2017

Pia is an inquisitive and sociable teen who shows a generally positive attitude. She has a well-developed active vocabulary and easily makes conversation. Pia is oriented in time and space and her thinking is moving toward being abstract and logical. Pia participates in group games, interacts with peers, and enjoys individual attention. She loves music.

Pia walks independently though with a slightly unstable gait. Her gross and fine motor skills are well-developed and she has good self-help skills, including for hygiene and eating.

Pia currently attends 8th grade and receives integrated education with a resource teacher. She wishes to be adopted. Families who have met Pia would be happy to speak with anyone interested in bringing her home.

Update March 2017:  In an update received on Pia this month, she is described as a diligent, responsible teen who is willing to learn new things.  She regularly attends school and is meeting the goals of her IEP.  Pia can read and write, including by dictation, as well as solve math problems.  She is also studying English as a foreign language.  Pia is respectful toward adults and has good relationships with her peers among whom she prefers to be a leader.  She enjoys playing on the tablet, watching TV, drawing and coloring.  Pia dreams of having a family and would love to have younger siblings.

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