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peggy-feb-2017Peggy was born in December 2014 with spina bifida. A VP shunt has been placed.

Listed: Feb 2017

From a family who met her in March 2017: Peggy speaks and knows a lot of words, but doesn’t appear to use full sentences yet. Though shy, Peggy would do very well in her speech and communication in a family where she could develop further. She seems like a typical little girl, other than not being able to use her legs. She reacts and responds appropriately for her age. Peggy is very detail oriented, and loves to draw with a little sketch-it toy, which seems to be her favorite toy. She can wheel herself in a zipzac chair and would stay in it all day to move around if she were allowed. I could get her to laugh and smile often. She would follow me around in the zipzac chair and cried when we left.

Update February 2017: Peggy is a very affectionate and interactive little girl. She knows and uses the names of the children in her group, vocalizes functional words such as “here”, “bring”, and “give”, and follows single-step directions. Peggy enjoys playing with toys and games and is especially good at matching shapes and colors. She moves across the floor using her hands and is able to sit unsupported for a short period of time.

August 2015: Peggy is alert and tracks with her eyes. She has developed hand to hand and hand to mouth coordination and reaches for toys, but cannot yet hold them. Peggy appears to have head control, but needs support to sit. She regularly receives therapy.

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