mona-feb-2017Mona was born in May 2015 and has Down Syndrome as well as Tetralogy of Fallot. She has been monitored regularly by a cardiologist and heart surgery is scheduled for March 2017.

Update April 2017: Mona had the flu in March so her heart surgery has been postponed to a later time this spring.

Listed:  Feb 2017

Mona can sit independently for a quite a long time and moves herself into this position from lying down as well. She plays with toys (her favorite is a rattle), moves around, and babbles. She has no problems with eating, sleeping and toileting.

Mona’s caregivers say she’s not quite as interactive as some of her peers, but our team reports that she responded each time they called her by name.  The agency has video available.

$473.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!