BELLA and BRANSON for the DiAntonio family — PA

 photo fwbutton150.pngbella_dec-2016Bernie and Marabeth met in 2009 while working together at a helicopter plant. Eighteen months later they were married in a small ceremony surrounded by their five children, Meghan, Nicole, Brian, Joe and Shane. A little bit later Michael, who is blessed with Down Syndrome, came along. Shortly after that came the youngest, Maggie. Adoption was never something they knew much about until 2012 when a family from their church adopted a child through Reece’s Rainbow. After learning, through the other family’s journey, more about orphan situation and seeing the kids listed on Reece’s Rainbow, Marabeth was deeply moved and envisioned someday adopting a child with Down Syndrome. However, at the time she was pregnant, with a one year-old, and there were several seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome.

Still, she prayed over the next few years for God to either open the doors for them to adopt a child with Down Syndrome or else to give her a more practical vision for their lives. Then on November 18th, 2017 she felt an unusual urgency to pray about adopting a child again and this time she asked God to show her the next day in a specific way if they were meant to adopt or else she would drop the idea. Well, the next day mountains started moving out of the way for them as they started seriously investigating the adoption process. On December 27th, 2016 they saw Bella on a friend’s Facebook page and felt would she be a great fit in their family. Her siblings are all very excited to meet her, especially her younger sister Maggie who has been very busy making a giant stack of drawings to give Bella when she gets home, as well as big plans to share bedrooms and ballet classes. Bernie and Marabeth are also anxious to get her home and help her to learn to live as a beloved daughter in their family. They truly appreciate any and all support, prayers and well-wishes as they go through this process to bring their daughter home.

2/22/2018 — FINAL TRIP MARCH 11

$8,876.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Bella has received a $27 Waiting Child Grant.