MARTIN for the Cotner family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngcotnerWilliam and Lee-Ann Cotner had a whirlwind romance that has set the tone for their adventurous, fun loving family. William is an Active Duty Military Police officer. Lee-Ann is currently a stay at home mom but, with a background in education, which is where her heart completely fell in love with her students blessed by Down Syndrome. They always knew they wanted to adopt but, always dreamed it was when their four biological kiddos were older. One day in 2015, sitting at the breakfast table and scrolling Facebook, they came across the profile of little boy on Reece’s Rainbow and they immediately knew he was to be their son. In 2016 Harvey became an official member of the family. Harvey has been such an amazing blessing to their family. He is rocking his Down Syndrome and brings such joy to everyone his smile meets.

The Cotner children IMMEDIATELY began asking for another brother or sister. But, so soon after Harvey’s adoption financially, William and Lee-Ann knew it would be best to wait. Lee-Ann came across Martin’s profile and felt that tug. She kept going back to his profile reading it over and over for several days. She made the inquiry to the agency and saw the most precious little boy’s face. Three year old Charlotte walked over the computer… looked at the picture and said “Oh THERE’S my baby brother”… and that was the sign of all signs that he in fact was meant to be their son. They live by that saying that there is ALWAYS a way…you just have to believe and remember God bless the broken road.

William, Lee-Ann and their five children, Peyton, Parker, Charlotte, Quinn and Harvey are so overjoyed to have you as part of the adventure bringing Martin home. They are grateful for those that show their support both financially and spiritually. Every donation will leave a lasting impact on their hearts and helping bring Martin home into his forever family, where we will be a cherished and welcomed member of the family, who they can’t wait to see shine!

6/21/2017–TRAVELING JULY 7

$6,702.72 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Martin has received a $36 Waiting Child Grant.