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George, Rose, Yvonne and Nadia #


These four siblings are available to be adopted together.  Nadia must be adopted prior to her 17th birthday, WITH her younger siblings, to be eligible for adoption.  Yvonne is only available with her younger siblings, as well.

Listed: Feb 2017

George, Age 13
George is a handsome, energetic, and great at making friends. He is healthy, can respond well, and maintain an attention span. He can concentrate well and does well in school. He has been treated through vaccinations since he was young and doesn’t show peculiarities. George is the perfect candidate for becoming a new member of the family!

Rose, Age 15
Rose is a beautiful young lady who is curious, social, and kind-hearted. She is healthy, has low intellectual skills, gets easily distracted and has a mild mental delay. She has difficulty remembering content learned in school and loses interest quickly. Rose communicates well and always engages in conversation by asking questions, and responding well. She is very active in group play and is far from aggressive. She is honest and always has good intentions. Rose is so ready to find a new family and make new friends!

Yvonne, Age 16
Yvonne is a gorgeous 16-year-old with a kind heart, social communicator, and good-intentioned teen. She is healthy, has a mild mental delay, and delay in the neural-psychical development. She has trouble remembering content and poor vocabulary. She does well with communication and well developed motor skills. She also has an impaired hearing memory. She shows a strong connection between her siblings an isn’t aggressive towards others. Yvonne is ready to be accepted into a new family!

Nadia, age 17
Nadia is the oldest of the four children and is very social, kind, and loving to those she bonds with. She is healthy with specific learning disabilities. She has well developed motor movement and can have an adequate conversation. She is emotionally connected with her siblings and connects well with other children in the orphanage. Her intellect is low and she has limited learning abilities. Her thinking ranges from low and sometimes very fast. She has a short attention span and concentration. She wants to be a cook when she is older and is very much ready to find a family.

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