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meilaniGirl, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: Feb 2017

Meilani is described as “clever, cute, pretty, and very endearing.” She is lively and active, with an extroverted personality. She is a happy little girl with a ready smile. She likes to play outside. Meilani enjoys playing with her little friends and watching TV. She eats and sleeps well. She is described as smart, and would truly thrive in a family. Meilani is diagnosed with Down syndrome  There is no mention of any heart defects and her heart is said to be “normal” in her file, but her family will want to follow-up with cardiology once home to confirm. She is a healthy girl with great overall development. Meilani is waiting for her family to see her and choose her as their daughter. Is Meilani the sweet daughter you’ve been searching for?

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