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Isaiah #

isaiahBoy, age: 10 years
Special needs: prematurity of 1 degree; dextrocardia (without any heart malformations); moderate mental delay; delayed speech development

Listed Jan 2017

Isaiah has age-correspondent physical development; He is in a stable and good health condition; His dextrocardia does not cause him any problems.

Isaiah is marking significant progress in his development in the last couple of years. Isaiah talks and composes sentences. He is learning how to write and read.

Isaiah is a sociable child who joins his peers in different games and group activities; He is able to create long-lasting friendships with other children. For the 5 years spent in a foster family the boy has developed a relationship of attachment with his foster mother. Isaiah enjoys spending time on the computer playing children’s games and listening to children’s songs and fairy-tales. He plays with toys in accordance with their purpose.

Isaiah is expressive and artistic boy who can imitate actions, movements, behavior and cartoon characters.

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