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Eric #2-7

eric-2Age: 8
Diagnosis: developmental delays

Listed: Jan 25, 2017

Eric just turned 8 years old. He’s attending kindergarten, where he works with a resource teacher on academic delays. The report from the teacher says, “ The attention of the child is characterized by a relatively good concentration. He is actively looking for attention and physical closeness. The speech is developing. He follows simple instructions. The active vocabulary is developing. He maintains good eye contact by communicating with an adult. In relation to the perceptions it Is important to explain by specifying and visualizing. No evidence of significant increased impulsivity, hyperkinetics, aggression and auto-aggression. He draws curves by going out of the sheet borders. He knows and points some body parts – nose, teeth and feet. He has basic cognitive structures – persistence of an object, understands simple instructions, performs simple instructions, recognizes basic shapes etc” He has formed ideas about the surrounding. He understands limited prepositions related to spatial relations. He orients in space: up, down, big, small. He follows verbal instructions, related to the everyday life. He holds a pencil correctly with prompting and colors. He likes to listen to music. He follows verbal instructions. The passive vocabulary of the child is significantly improved. The change in the active vocabulary is also significant. Some words are present. He tries to answer to an asked question with a word. He looks at books, points objects and names some of that. Says the names of everybody in his surrounding. Games for developing the fine motor skills are used in the sessions. He manipulates plastic material, soft and hard toys and objects of different material. He’s neat, writes on a loop with help, cuts with scissors on a drawn line and a curve, applies finished shapes, pieces puzzle of 6 parts, builds towers and houses with a builder (constructor). He likes to “write and scratch”, but is still not able to color and comply with a contour. He knows the main colors. Recognizes the red, yellow and green color. He folds with help a sheet in two. The stability of the attention is increased. The independence is developed on a better level by encouraging the individual performances – undressing, dressing, taking shoes on and off, collecting toys, arrangement of working materials and others. Sings with pleasure some children’s songs. There is some development in the perceptual-idea activity. The ideas of the surrounding world are enriched. He expresses different emotions by facial expression. He is positive and loving at first contact with an adult.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.