Chelsea Qi for the Regan family — MD

Chelsea Qi (3)Shannon lives in Maryland with her 14 year old son Alex. Alex is her pride and joy. After four miscarriages, and divorce, she still knew more children were meant for her family. She has been drawn to adoption since she was a little girl. Shannon grew up with physical disability in her family and knows first hand the difference love and support and good care can make in someone’s life. When she saw Chelsea-Qi’s profile, there was no doubt it was time to get the house ready for a little sister for Alex. Shannon is anxious and ready to meet Chelsea and show her all of the wonderful things Annapolis has to offer. God has called Shannon to adopt and specifically children with special needs. Waiting now is no different than the nine months she waited for her son to be born. Chelsea will be so loved and cared for and encouraged to live this beautiful life in the way she dreams. The Regan family (including Chelsea) is forever grateful for all prayer and donations in support of this adoption.


$5,243.40 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Chelsea Qi has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.