NORAH for the Garvin family — WA

NorahNate and Sanae reside in the Seattle area with four wonderful boys. Though God has always surrounded them at church with families who’ve adopted special needs children, they never seriously considered adopting a child themselves – perhaps because of the trials they were facing –unemployment, finances, and health and perhaps because they felt they had a full house. Last year, God specifically called Sanae to consider adopting a girl with a special need. At first, she was scared and fearful of the unknowns, so she started praying. God quickly filled her heart with the joy and excitement of being blessed with a long awaited daughter! After all, Sanae felt, this is not very different from being surprise-blessed with biological children. God then worked in Nate’s heart over the next several weeks. Now they are both anxious to bring their beautiful little girl from Asia! The boys? They have been ecstatic from the very first suggestion. “Norah” will be well loved by all the sweet, big brothers, the parents, the grandparents as well as our church family who are all waiting for her arrival.

The Garvin family (including little “Norah”) are forever grateful for the donations already made by many people through RR and though RODS.


$282.80 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Norah has received a $5099 Waiting Child Grant.