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drew-video-still-feb-2017-feb-2017Drew was born in June of 2004. He has been diagnosed with children’s cerebral palsy and encephalopathy. He receives special education and is described as having moderate delays.

Listed January 10, 2017

He communicates well with others, but may need some help with everyday tasks. Our in country partner visited Drew and describes him as extremely active, happy and mobile. He likes organizing and cleaning. His caretakers state that he is a big helper. He likes to play with toys and games, but gets bored easily. He is also very friendly, funny and inquisitive. He states that he likes school and has many friends there. Additional photos and videos available upon request.

Update February 2017: In video received this month, Drew can be seen answering questions, counting, naming the colors of his outfit, reciting a short Christmas poem, and stating his name and age.

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