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Melisa #

melisaGirl, born 2004

She has been diagnosed with moderate mental delay and strabismus.

Listed: Jan 2017

Melisa has benefited from the care of a foster family for two years. They include her in family outings and she has gone on two vacations with them. Her foster mother works with her to teach her new skills. She is described as a very sensitive and sunny child. She likes to cuddle.  She is in good physical health and is rarely ill. She is friendly and smiling most of the time. She enjoys listening and humming to music. She likes books with colorful pictures. She has a favorite stuffed mouse toy and carries it with her wherever she goes. Her favorite color is pink and she likes to swing. She does not yet say words but seems to understand everyday speech. She can eat all by herself and can use a spoon and fork in an appropriate way. She can stand and walk without support.

She is now in 3rd grade in a specialized school. She needs a lot of care and attention and she is ready to give all her love and affection to a family of her own.

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