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River L31

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born on August 2012

premature birth (degree II), intrauterine infection, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy I-II stage, physical and mental development delay, protein energy malnutrition, microcephaly, OU astigmatism, hypermetropia;  speech therapy recommended

Listed: Jan 6, 2017

River has brown eyes and hair. Welcomes the given attention, but if it is suddenly stopped or in case of contact rejection may react with sadness, disappointment, sometimes a little crying. However, mostly all of the emotions are expressed weakly, without the characteristic intensity, such as crying as grumbling, or rubbing eyes in protest. Does not request physical contact – accepts communication style as it is. Mostly characteristic joyful excitement bordering on nervousness can be noticed in movements, gestures and facial expressions. Enjoys the atmosphere of organized events with lots of people and impressions, which further reinforces the joyful excitement – loud laughs, significant movement and arbitrary contact search. Also observed radical mood changes for no apparent reason – can suddenly start to cry, followed by loud laughter, which can pass again suddenly. In these cases neither consolation nor physical contact help. Will power is unmarked – tries to do the given task, but it is more literal fulfillment of indications than internal motivation to learn.

The cognitive sphere (perception, thinking, attention, interest) – thinking processes most occur at the level of mechanistic imitation – is able to repeat what he has seen or heard recently, but after a time he is unable to reproduce it anymore. The boy knows parts of the body and can name them and show them on other people, but in doing so he needs repeated encouragement. The same applies to everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, tidying toys, etc. – an adult should always name and show the needed action – only then the boy completes it. The boy knows his name and he knows also the names of other children and teachers, but, for example, on a logical question “What is your name?” he often responds with the last word of the question: “Name”. The boy recognizes some animals, he may show them in a book, may show signs of an object or phenomenon, for example, that the flower smells, injury hurts and need to be blown at to ease the pain. Notices minor consequences – for example, understands that pressing one button on a musical toy can start the others, but the boy lacks understanding to put together even a simple puzzle.The boy likes everything related to sound and light signals – both objects and events, he can observe or operate them enthusiastically for a long time, but by jamming in the process. Behavior, social behavior – friendly, good-natured with both children and adults. Happy with any interaction and the opportunity to gain new experiences. Understands all instructions, but the nervous agitation disturbs to perform fine motor activities accurately – eating, dressing, playing with small objects. Weak self-advocacy skills, generally does not interfere with other children’s activities, but sometimes can have a sudden impulse – incomprehensible, short-term aggression. The boy likes walks, all outdoor environment and everything related to the movement possibilities – climbing, jumping, swinging, etc. Enjoys water therapy. Is able to eat independently, dress up, but does not fully comprehend, whether he has done it correctly or incorrectly. Uses toilet only with a reminder.


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