CARLY and TYLER for the Long family — AL

long carly tylerKevin and Anna Long have been married for almost 17 years. They met in college on a blind date to the Army-Navy game and the rest is history! They became parents to 4 biological children;a boy and three girls. Kevin served 7 years in the Army as a helicopter pilot and was deployed to Afghanistan when his fourth child was born. Once Kevin left the military and joined the civilian world, they started thinking about adoption. They had become Christians in 2005, and the Lord was ultimately changing their hearts regarding their family.

In 2009, they took the foster training necessary in their county and became foster-to-adopt parents. They had several babies of different ages in their home over the course of two years, but it was their very first foster child, a baby girl, that remained for that entire time, and they were able to adopt.

They closed their file with the county when the Lord blessed them to be able to move south, where they had originally started their family. Upon arrival in their new area, Kevin and Anna looked into embryo adoption and the Lord saw fit to bless them with their now two year old girl, through her adoption as a 5 day old embryo!

Late this past winter, Kevin and Anna began looking into international special needs adoption. They had recently completed their domestic home study, but it seemed that this was not their intended path, as doors kept closing regarding children they were looking into. Gazing through the children listed on the various special needs adoption sites, they were initially daunted by the international process, but upon finding ‘Tyler’ and then ‘Carly,’ they could not help but rethink that!

Both Tyler and Carly have Down Syndrome and are located in Asia. They no doubt have numerous emotional and definitely physical needs that will need intense care and nurture. Kevin and Anna are willing and ready to pursue anything that these children need. The entire family is excitedly looking forward to the day that they can welcome them home!


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