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Marlowe #18-1

Marlowe (1)

Marlowe (2)Boy, Born August 2001


Down Syndrome, Inborn cardiac malformation – persisting arterial channel, Lung hypertonia, Severe lagging behind in his development.

Listed: June 23, 2010

UPDATE MAY 2015:  Marlowe was born in 2001. At the birth the child was with atresia of the esophagus and tracheoesophageal fistula due to which a surgery was performed on the third day after the birth. There was clinical data for Down Syndrome. Congenital cardiac malformation – persistent arterial canal and pulmonary hypertension. Persistent ductus arteriosus; Eisenmenger Syndrome. Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis, moderately expressed; Hypotrophy; Hypothyroidism; Cryptorchidism; Severe mental delay.


Marlowe walks with the help of an adult and makes several steps on his own. His physical development doesn’t correspond to his age. He doesn’t speak. Marlowe would hold a toy given to him for a short time; he demonstrates interest in the objects and studies them; he makes eye contact and follows an adult if he is appropriately stimulated. He would look at his reflection in the mirror for a long time and makes attempts to touch it. He is entirely served by an adult. He eats mashed food and is fed by an adult. He is a student in the special education school.

He is calm and doesn’t demonstrate aggression or auto-aggression. He clearly expresses when he’s happy. The child doesn’t speak but he reacts when called by his name. He pronounces some combinations of sounds and irrational syllables. He wouldn’t play with peers and prefers the company of adults. The child demonstrates initiative for interaction with adults and children.

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