DANIEL for the Hatcher family — WV

Amanda and Joe’s adoption journey started with a dream – literally. Three and a half years ago, the same night, they both dreamt they had another little boy (besides their -then- one and a half year old son). Both Amanda and Joe had always considered adoption; Amanda was adopted as an older child from foster care at the age of 15. Joe has extended family that came into the family through adoption.

For three years Joe and Amanda wondered when and where they would be lead to adopt from. Finally in April 2016 their son was revealed to them, through one of Amanda’s close friends, Tiffany.

Tiffany adopted her son, Elias (Pepe) through the help of Reece’s Rainbow in the beginning of 2015. Tiffany learned Elias had a foster brother, Daniel, who had been with him since birth. The boys moved through different foster homes together, and their only true separation was when Tiffany adopted Elias. After learning of Daniel and how close he and Elias were, she started inquiring about adopting him as well. However, after visiting him in early 2016, Tiffany realized her limitations as a single mom and decided to find him a forever family instead.

Daniel turned out to be the same boy Joe and Amanda had dreamed of three years earlier!

Joe and Amanda started the adoption process for Daniel in April 2016. God has confirmed many times for them that this is the boy they are supposed to adopt.

Daniel is 9 years old and, like Elias, has some special needs. Daniel has cognitive delays, hearing loss, and speech delays, among other needs. Part of Daniel’s special needs were a result of a traumatic birth. Daniel also used a feeding tube for a portion of his early life, but now eats solid foods without help!

Joe, Amanda and their two biological children are excited about giving Daniel the loving forever family and home he deserves. Joe and Amanda are seeking assistance in raising the final $20,000 they need to bring Daniel home.

4/26/17 —TRAVELING MAY 21 

$2,240.70 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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