NINA for the Englert Family — VA

Karen is a licensed professional counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working with children and families for over 20 years now. Through her career plans have progressed over time and even is able to run her private practice from her home now, there is something missing in her life — a child. She expected to be married with children of her own by now, but when life didn’t work out that way, Karen set her sights on choosing to offer a forever home to an older waiting child who has never had parents to call her own.

Karen began her search for a child who would best fit into her family and feels that God led her to “Nina,” a 12 year old girl from Eastern Europe, who has spent her entire life since she was six months old in the foster care system. Nina is described as a very caring, grateful, generous and sensitive child who also loves animals and just recently told her foster mother that she “really wants a dog!” Karen has adopted four rescue dogs that she uses in her therapy work with clients! Nina is also very excited about being adopted!

Given her professional background working with tough adolescents, Karen is uniquely prepared to help Nina transition as smoothly as possible to a new home and country. What Karey does need help with, however, is the daunting task of raising enough funds to cover the formidable fees required for international adoption. Your prayers and contributions are deeply appreciated and would enable this dream to happen! Thank you, and may God bless you!


$1,530.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Nina has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.