CHARLIE for the Amick family — NC

charlie-2016The Amick family is excited to be adopting again. Jeremy and Angela have been married for 17 years and have three biological boys- Nathan (12), Caleb (11) and Eli (8). They also have an adopted daughter from China- Lia (adopted in 2015). Jeremy is a pastor and Angela a nurse. They enjoy being outdoors, cooking over a fire pit, and spending time with friends and family. Life is full and energetic, but in the summer of 2016, the family realized there was a little boy that needed to join their family.

The Amicks met “Charlie” — soon to be named Isaac — during Lia’s adoption trip. He was the first child to greet the family when they visited the orphanage and stayed right by their side their entire visit. He was so glued to the family that he ended up in almost all their pictures from that visit!

In the beginning of 2016, Charlie’s adoption file was ready and having such a special place in their hearts, Jeremy and Angela began advocating for him to have a family. They prayed for him daily, posted his story on Facebook, shared his information with other friends that felt called to adopt. But, no families committed. One of the Amick children particularly asked often why their family couldn’t adopt Charlie. After several months passed, Jeremy, Angela and their children all realized they knew the forever family that was being called to adopt Charlie. They were that family!

The Amick family are hoping to welcome Charlie into their home in the Spring of 2017. He and their daughter Lia, who also shares the same special need of Down Syndrome, will be reunited after spending three and a half years together in the same room at the same orphanage. The Amicks are praying and hoping for financial provision to help bring Charlie home. The finances of adopting again was one reason Jeremy and Angela were scared to say “yes” to adopting again. But the day they signed the paperwork to adopt Charlie, they read a quote that said, “The financial burden of bringing home a child through adoption should never be a reason to not provide a forever family for a child.” Please consider partnering with the Amicks to help bring Charlie home.


$485.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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