gretel-221x3002xGirl, born 2015
FAS (Fetal alcohol syndrome)

Listed: Dec 7, 2016

Gretel does not crawl, she can turn onto her belly, goes to a kneeling position, on hands and knees, swings. Gretel is fed through a g-tube (surgery in February 2016), also takes a small amount of food or liquid with a teaspoon.

Gretel develops physically, has significantly improved eye contact; she is calm, serene, responds well to a massage, very fond of massage hands and feet, then reacts with laughter. Massage is a problem within the oral cavity and oral feeding. The girl does not like this, but the appropriate action (stimulation of chewing and swallowing) and quiet, slow feed, is making progress. She is now able to eat a small amount of mixed fruit or soup with a teaspoon.

Gretel begins to make sounds, they are not yet purposeful, the girl usually murmurs, laughs and cries.

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