sosie-255x3002xGirl, born 2012
Delayed development of more complex forms of communication and entertainment affect hypersensitivity tactile, visual and auditory, psychomotor hyperactivity, attention and memory deficits. She requires ongoing speech therapy.

Listed: Dec 7, 2016

Sosie constantly acquires new language skills and communication, but the process is delayed. She can understand and follow simple commands like “lie down, fetch, enter” etc. She understands simple questions asked of her and can provide adequate answers “yes / no”. She usually communicates with single words and – increasingly – sentences consisting of a maximum of two words.

Because of the deficits in the field of motor skills, Sosie is not able to fit the pieces of a puzzle together or make a picture of two parts. She can imitate a 2-3-element sequence of movements of an adult. She can not classify objects. She is able to track the course of events in the simplest of illustrated stories. She also begin to show interest in the simplest, short poems.

Sosie shows significant facial features of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). This is not a diagnosis, but a cautionary disclosure.

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