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wregan-1Girl, born 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: Dec 7, 2016

Wregan also participated in the agency’s camp. She is sassy, spunky and a good dancer! She participated in the group performances and was able to execute choreography with little prompting. Wregan was also meeting milestones for a child her age with Down syndrome according to her advocate.

Wregan is expressive and loves to use her hands to help share how she is feeling. She is energetic and wanting to join with the other children in activities and imitate their actions. Here caregivers share the following, ““Motor development: she can go up and down stairs alone, can get upstairs on foot alternately, has strong imitation, can imitate drawing vertical lines, circles and crosses, and can catch a ball thrown to her.

She can imitate the teacher’s simple rhythm, can understand the teacher’s direction, and can recognize big and small.
Language and social ability: she can distinguish strange and familiar people, can understand what NO means, can respond if ask her for a object, can unbutton and button, can put off unlined clothes and pants, can know “cold, tired and hungry”, and can wash her hands by herself.

She is active, restless and ready to smile, usually likes music, and likes imitating and playing toys. She likes playing games with her mates, full of energy. She also likes reading books and playing dolls, likes riding the rocking horse.

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