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wellington-2 wellingtonGirl, born July 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: Dec 7, 2016

Wellington participated in the agency’s recent advocacy camp. She was paired with an advocate who has a bio child with DS who said she meets most, if not all of the milestones for a child her age with DS.  She said Wellington is an “easy and snuggly baby” with a very sweet and happy disposition.

Wellington is eager to explore her environment and bursts with energy from one happy activity to the next. She is mastering her walking ability and is able to get herself to get herself independently to where the action is. She is a good problem solver and has learned how to help the caregivers in their daily tasks. She has a cheerful disposition and wants to participate with her little friends in the activities around her.

Current video shows Wellington in her environment. https://youtu.be/dLUdiFret4Q

The agency’s team met her in May 2016 and is able to talk with families about their impressions. Wellington will participate in the November CHI Advocacy Camp in her city and is waiting to be matched with an advocate as well.

Wellington’s reports also share, “Motor development: she can crawl, can pick up tiny object with thumb and index finger, and can walk with one hand held.

Adaptability: she can take out toy blocks from the cup and put them back, can bang two toy blocks, can turn pages of a book, and can cover the bottle.

Language and social ability: she can imitate the teacher and caretaker to pronouns, can respond to other’s asking for her objects, can understand what NO means, can know cold and warm, can express her needs with the teacher and caretaker, and can cooperate the caretaker to put on and off clothes.

Personality: she is active, ready to smile, likes imitating, likes music, likes playing games with her mates, and has quick reaction. She likes plush toys, likes reading books and full of energy.

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