OSCAR for the Gunther family — Canada

oscar-2016Jalena knew she should adopt from from a very young age. Growing up her parents fostered teenagers and instilled in her, a heart for caring for others. She remembers being eight years old, sitting in a blanket fort with her best friend planning their futures. Jalena was going to be a Spice Girl, have a wedding dress that rivaled princess Diana’s and she was going to adopt, because there are so many kids in this world who need families. At the age of 23 God placed adoption heavy on Jalena’s heart, she could not close her eyes to the need so she stepped out in faith to adopt her daughter Emmy from Eastern Europe. Emmy came home in December 2015, she is a joyful, funny, outgoing 2 year old with a heart of gold and a rockin extra chromosome, also known as down syndrome.

14 months ago a special 1 year old boy with down syndrome and additional complex medical needs was listed for adoption on Reece’s rainbow. At that time Jalena was in the process of adopting her daughter Emmy from the same country. A friend sent her his Reece’s Rainbow profile and her heart broke. She was looking at a little boy who was going to “fall through the cracks.” He didn’t have the best photo and he had many big special needs in addition to Down syndrome. She feared the words brain cyst, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and asthma would leave him waiting for a forever family for years. In that moment She prayed for God to find his family, to not let him fall through the cracks, for a mama to see his worth and not fear his special needs. She prayed God would move mountains to bring him a mama.

Little did Jalena know, when She said that prayer 14 months ago, God already had a plan. God had her. 14 months after seeing his face for the first time, 11 months since her daughter came home and after 7 months of working behind the scenes with only her faith to go on, God has moved mountains. Jalena is so overjoyed to share that She will be Oscar’s mama.

Jalena is so grateful for any support you can show her growing family. Pursing 2 international adoptions in less then a year, as a single mama, would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of friends, family and strangers.

6/23/17—FINAL TRIP JUNE 2017