CALINA for the Weaton family — AZ

Calina 2 (2)Chris and Amy have been married for twelve years, and have hearts for growing their family through adoption. They have five young children, aged 1-9 years old, four of whom are adopted from Ethiopia, USA and China. They believe that family is more than blood, and built through love. Though some may say their hands are full, they firmly believe their hearts have more love to share.

With joyful hearts they ask for your prayerful support as their family embarks on a new chapter of life’s journey: bringing home a ten year old daughter from Asia. They are ever thankful for all who advocated for “Calina” over the past eight years until God prepared their hearts to bring her home.

The Weatons have chosen to name her Teresa, after Saint Teresa of Calcutta, a woman who “got it” with being Christ to those around her, and inspired us to change the world with little acts of big love. St Teresa’s Feast Day is September 5th, the day Chris and Amy got engaged!

The Weatons’ yearn to have her home, but if adoption has taught them anything time and time again, it’s to trust in His timing! Until then, their five children take turns with Teresa’s picture next to them in an empty chair at the dinner table each night, and pray that she can feel their love from across the ocean.

9/14/17 —TA RECEIVED

$2,166.52 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Calina has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.