WREN for the Perry family — KY

 photo fwbutton150.pngRobbie and Kasey Perry are high school sweethearts now married for thirteen years. They have six biological children –first five boys and one baby girl- and knew they had more love to give. Both parents have always had a heart for adoption, believing adoption to be the theme of the Gospel, and after Kasey watched a close friend go through the process just recently, they prayerfully decided now’s the time.

Believing that every child is deserving of the love of a family, and knowing children with special needs often have a harder time finding homes, Robbie and Kasey knew they wanted to adopt a child with needs, and began searching Reece’s Rainbow. “Mila” caught the family’s attention pretty quickly, and she felt like a great match. A sister for their daughter! Close in age, too!

It is with great JOY they announce this anticipated, sweet new addition into their forever family! The family humbly requests your prayer as they continue to fundraise for adoption costs and, especially, prayer for “Mila” as she will be adjusting to life outside of her orphanage, and will receive medical care for her diagnosis when she’s home.

“We didn’t give you the gift of life – Life gave us the gift of you.” -unknown

Mila is no longer available; and the Perry family will now be bringing Wren home!

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at arrowsofpraise.blogspot.com

$7,143.28 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Wren has received a $180 Waiting Child Grant.