Adam #16-1

Adam 2014_2adam-2016DOB: March 2001
Down syndrome, autistic traits


Listed: June 23, 2010


Adam has lived in a mental institution since shortly after his 4th birthday. Visitors to the institution have described it as very nice and more like a nice hotel than a mental institution. The children are well cared for and have many opportunities to experience things. Yet Adam is still missing the love and attention that comes with having a family of his own.

Adam is 10 years old. He walks and his gross motor skills are well developed. He does not talk at this time but does follow verbal directions. He feeds himself with a spoon but still requires some assistance with dressing. He plays with toys and enjoys music time, but prefers to play alone instead of with the other children. He is not aggressive toward himself nor others and is described as “a calm child”. He does the stereotypical rocking back and forth when sitting, which is a common “orphanage behavior”. He attends school in the local village. He’s in a special education class. He is not interested in most school activities, though he does enjoy music time.

UPDATE DEC 2014:  Adam is currently living in a group home. He walks independently and goes up and down stairs, but is very careful and always seeks support before acting. He electively carries out orders and doesn’t react to his name. He plays for a short time and doesn’t seek contact with the children from the group. He has preferences for certain toys but doesn’t use them according to their purpose. He is apt to seclusion and avoids group activities. He is a calm child, reacts to emotional stimuli and differentiates different tones of the voice. During celebrations and musical activities he moves away to play on his own. He requires assistance for tasks such as dressing and toileting.

Photos and videos from December 2014 are available through the agency.

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