DONNI for the Young family — PA

Donni croppedTrevor and Jodi began their journey together in 2000, when they both stated in their premarital counseling workbook that they’d like to have three to five children. After four biological daughters, God spoke to their hearts about adoption in 2010. Over the next six years, they brought home a son and a daughter from Bulgaria and a son from China, as well as adding three more biological daughters (and to save you the math, that makes ten kids!)

Their most recent son from Asia (“Caden” on Reece’s Rainbow), was their first introduction to the blessing of children with Down Syndrome. They both fell in love with this funny, smart, determined boy, and felt, even while in country adopting him, that they had room in their family for another little boy with that magical extra chromosome.

A friend of Jodi’s had been advocating for “Donni” ever since adopting her own son from the same orphanage. As soon as they saw his photos and read his story, they knew that if they were to adopt again, this was their next son. The Lord closed some doors but opened others, and they are thrilled that this precious little boy will indeed be the next Young.

Updates to Jodi’s blog are not as frequent as they once were, thanks to many more little people to look after, but you can follow their journey at Thank you for your prayers for their journey to this amazing little man!

4/23/17—TRAVELING in MAY

$427.16 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Donni has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.