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Allen #38-1


allen-nov2016Age: 12
Diagnosis: hydrocephalus

Listed: Nov 14, 2016

Allen lived in a mental institution for many years before recently being moved to a group home. Since being moved to the group home, he has made rapid progress in his development. Videos taken in November 2016 show him appropriate answering questions (such as “When is your birthday?”), identifying objects, and speaking in complete sentences. He is described as inquisitive. He constantly looks around and asks questions. He can estimate “smaller” and “larger”. He knows how to behave when he is on the sidewalk and in a bus. He can dance and follows the rhythm. He can play with play dough, and he can manipulate and draw with pencils and crayons. He participates in active and sports games. He likes to play with toys and colorful legos. He likes to play outside and to swing. His favorite activity is taking care of the plants in the yard and to water them. He manages all of his personal hygiene, including toileting and showering. He feeds himself. He likes to help with serving the food and cleaning the table and often he is a volunteer in the kitchen.

Photos and videos from November 2016 are available.


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