JENIFER and JOEL for the Horn family — PA

rrpicAfter raising three bio boys, Chuck, Dan and Nick, Christine and Chuck Horn had much more love to give. China was where their hearts were when they learned of orphan hosting in the US.  The Lord opened doors and they excitedly moved forward.  In June of 2016 they hosted an amazing 8 year old boy. Joel was one of 5 incredibly brave children who came to the US in hopes of finding families and homes of their own. There were four boys and one feisty girl who had no problem keeping up with the craziness of boys! The feisty little girl was Jenifer.

Christine had an immediate, unexplainable, connection with Jenifer from the moment she watched her read the “Welcome” sign at the airport at 1:30am and excitedly use sign language to one of the boys. It was from that very minute the Lord put her in Christine’s heart. She knew Jenifer was meant to be a part of their family.

By the time they had to return to China, all of the hosted children found families, including Jenifer. And their host child, Joel, had quickly became their son. It was a blessing to know all of these special children would have families and homes of their own.

But there was still something tugging at the Horns, they called their agency, several times, and asked, “How is Jenifer’s family?” The reply was, “Great, they are perfect!” Wonderful, they were happy to know Jenifer would have the perfect family to come home to. At twelve years old, this sweet little girl had waited far too long for a family and home of her own.

Almost two and a half months after the children boarded the plane back to China, and Joel’s adoption process well under way, Christine got the call, at 3:50 on a Monday afternoon. Jenifer’s family could no longer adopt her. Her heart sank knowing this little girl lost another home, yet somehow she had known this call would be coming. Jenifer was meant to be their daughter.  Christine cried. They prayed. It was clear that the Lord had already been working. Nothing had ever been so clear: Jenifer was already a part of their family.

The Horns are grateful for the blessing of donations and prayers that are much needed to get both of their children home.


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Jenifer has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.