NORA for the Duty family — WI

img_1673The Duty family, Scott, Jennie, Nathan, Jack, Joelle and Elliot, are excited to be adopting for the 1st time! With 3 biological brothers at home, 12, 11 and 7, sister Joelle is ecstatic to finally have a sister! Scott and Jennie have desired to adopt since they started dating. After marrying, having 4 biologic children plus multiple losses, the desire was still there but not in the forefront. Then in 2016, after helping friends fundraise to adopt their son from Asia, they discovered Orphan Hosting programs, and started looking at photo listings. They were inexplicably drawn to Nora, but told she already had a family hosting her. They decided to wait until 2017, but the Lord had other plans!  3 weeks before Nora’s group was to come to the US, her family had to back out. They were asked if THEY would host her. She now had a $1900 grant from the family who had to back out. They had $1300 set aside to replace carpeting in our home; this was the EXACT difference needed to bring Nora to the US! Clearly they were supposed to host Nora, so they said yes. From Day 1, she fit right into their family. Very clear she is a “Duty”, full of joy and spunk!

Scott has enjoyed stable employment for 15 years at the same employer. Jennie has enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for the past 10 years. They were told their oldest son, Nathan, had Down Syndrome when they were pregnant with him. He did not, but through that experience the Lord taught them that they would love a special needs child no less! Jennie works with special needs adults at their local YMCA, and subs as an instructional aide with special needs children in their children’s school district. The Lord has absolutely prepared this family for adopting and raising this special little girl. Nora was abandoned at 1 year of age, and has been raised in an orphanage since. Every child deserves a family. The Duty’s love Nora and desire to raise her as their daughter!

You can read more about their journey on their public page:

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