BELINDA for the Tegtmeier family — NE

BelindaThe Tegtmeiers are not new to special needs adoption, although you may remember this family by another name. Grace (Knuth) adopted their two children, Sam and Tony, as a single mom. Not long after the completion of Tony’s adoption, God brought a godly husband and father into picture. Chris (dad) farms Nebraska corn and soybeans and works part time in their church coordinating young adult ministry and preaching. Grace works at the church as well as coordinator of discipleship. Together, Chris and Grace desire to live a life of ministry everyday, wherever they go.

One of the couple’s favorite ministries together is caring for children. They love parenting their own special treasures from Bulgaria as well as pouring into the lives of young people in their community. More specifically, God seems to have called them to a ministry of caring for children who are broken and vulnerable.

Although Chris and Grace have only been married for one year, and didn’t expect to be adopting together quite yet, they knew it was time to take a leap of faith when they saw that there was yet another older child listed for adoption from the orphanage their children grew up in. Although this place has improved considerably in the last few years, the little girl they will call their daughter lived through many years of unthinkable abuse and neglect. They feel well equipped to care for her needs and show her the love of a forever family.

12/31/16—1ST TRIP DECEMBER 31

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