BRIANNA for the Shupe family — VA

brianna-2016Jeff and Wendy were married in 2010. Having both come from previous marriages, they each brought with them 3 children…..six all together. Wendy had experienced the joy of adoption in 2003 when her daughter Cassie was adopted from Kazakhstan. Jeff and Wendy knew that God was calling them to bring another child into their family, so they started on the journey to find the child that God had for them. One evening, while researching adoption from Eastern Europe, Wendy came across a website that changed everything. Reece’s Rainbow lead them down the path that brought them to their beautiful children…..Avery and Caden. Avery is a sweet, spunky little girl who has Dwarfism and Caden is a precious boy with Down Syndrome who is truly all boy! They have been such a blessing to the Shupe family! But, God wasn’t done adding to this family. The Shupes were recently contacted about another little girl with Dwarfism in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. What a miracle it was to find out that this little girl was Avery’s biological sister. The Shupes were shocked and amazed that she had been located, and even more amazed that they made the family connection to their daughter Avery. Jeff and Wendy did not know that adoption was in God’s plan for them again, but they have committed to follow God’s will for their lives. The Shupe’s have started their fundraising and are appreciative of your support and prayers as they raise the funds to bring their new daughter home.

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$1,249.55 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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