D and S for the Stokes family — TX

Kim and Shane Stokes and their 3 biological children have always had a heart for orphans. Shane works on a daily basis with families who are growing through adoption.  Kim was a foster parent before she and Shane married 20 years ago. The family has hosted 5 foreign exchange students over the last 7 years, and they regularly open their home to people in need of a place to stay.  As a result, it was natural for them to say “yes” to hosting two orphan boys for seven weeks through a hosting program this past summer. D and S immediately stole Kim’s and Shane’s hearts, and from the beginning of the boys’ time with their family, Kim and Shane knew they would soon be making a trip to Eastern Europe to make these boys a part of their family. The boys fell in love with the Stokes family and wanted to be “home” by “Amereecan Chreestmas.” However, the timing for that isn’t going to work, so the Stokes family is going to bring the boys home through another hosting program for the Christmas holidays.  Hopefully, by early Spring, everything will be in order to complete the adoption. All the Stokes are excited about what the future holds, and they can’t wait to get “The Boys of Summer” home for good.

2/27/17—APPT on 4/4/17

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