jesse-001Boy, born 2012
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect

Listed October 2016

Jesse has a good appetite. He tries to eat alone, with a little help from caregivers.
He likes bathing. Jesse is quiet, lively, cheerful child. He is interested in his environment. He is sociable, he likes to be with children and familiar adults. In September this year, he will begin kindergarten.

Jesse has developmental delays typically associated with children who have Down syndrome: a slight decrease in muscle tone and impaired motor coordination. He willingly to use all the equipment on the playground, kicking ball, running, walking ever greater distances. Twice a week, he attends therapy. Jesse is stubborn and sometimes offended. He requires supervision, but he can play on his own for a long time. His speech development is delayed. He says few words, but he is able to understand much, and follow simple commands. He responds to his name, and can indicates body parts on himself and on the doll.

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