MAGNOLIA for the Thomas Family — MS

Thomas family (2)Paul and Dava Thomas have been happily married 15 years and have been blessed to have 3 biological children ages 18, 14, and 10. Their family has heartily advocated for many orphans and hosted many in their home. Dava has always known that one day she would adopt and it has been a desire of hers for the last 10 years. Four years ago, the Thomas family was adopting from an Eastern European Country, and the child they had hosted and loved was adopted before they could get there. This was devastating to the Thomas family and they mourned a long time for their daughter. The summer of 2016 the Thomas family hosted a 3-year-old girl from Asia. Dava had seen her photo many times over the year in the advocacy group and then she was available for hosting. The moment the Thomas family saw her it was love at first sight. Magnolia Grace is a missing piece of their family. Magnolia has many special needs, some of a sensitive matter and must travel over 10 hours for her testing and surgery once she is home.

Paul and Dava were not financially prepared to adopt when they hosted Magnolia Grace therefore fundraising is a must. The Thomas family knew when they put her on the plane after her vacation in the USA that they had to bring her home. The Thomas family knew she was their daughter and hit the ground running with the paper work. The Thomas family needs financial support to bring her home in a timely manner. The Thomas Family hopes to travel by Spring of 2017.

5/1/17 — TRAVELING MAY 3

$3,835.80 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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