MATEO for the Van Duyn family — CA

MateoChris and Grace first found out about Mateo through an American couple they knew who were living in Asia and short-term fostering different children. When they saw Mateo and heard his story, their hearts were moved towards him. They had never planned to adopt a child with special needs, let alone an almost 5 year old with severe hydrocephalus, but when they met Mateo (online), all that changed.

Chris and Grace began praying for Mateo daily and getting updates on him often. God called them to be the ones to adopt this precious boy. So after many months and lots and lots of paperwork, Mateo is almost ready to go to “Merica!” ( as he calls it).

Grace and Chris have raised 4 children, all whom are grown and out of the house. While they know there is a long journey of work and healing ahead, they have no fear, only love and excitement to see how God will work. Mateo’s life up until now has been miracle after miracle-there is no reason to believe they will stop now!


$2,779.72 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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