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TTGirl, 9 years old
cerebral palsy, speech delays

Listed: Oct 6, 2016

Tina is a 9 year old girl who is a very cheerful, active, sociable and persistent child who easily shows her emotions. She is a bit shy upon meeting new people, but when she feels like trust has been established, she is playful and affectionate. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic paraparesis (muscular rigidity predominantly in the legs), strabismus and a speech developmental delay. Tina is an independent child that tries to do things on her own and tries to get as little help as possible when it comes to self-care habits. She has a significant gap in her development affecting her most in the area of her motor skills. Her cognitive and speech abilities have also been affected due to the difficulty she has abstracting and understanding information. She is participative and cooperative. She is interested in expressing and sharing her desires, needs and concerns. Tina’s attention-concentration span is short, which means she needs constant monitoring so that she will appropriately complete her activities. She is capable of going up stairs, running, and jumping with both feet.

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