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ACGirl, 9 years old

Listed: Oct 6, 2016

Ace is a 9 year old girl who is very cheerful, sensitive and affectionate. When she feels comfortable with people, she becomes playful, smiles and is affectionate. She enjoys company and demands constant attention from adults. It is generally hard for Ace to trust those around her. She seeks to establish relationships with those with whom she feels comfortable and secure in the area of basic and emotional needs. Ace is a sensitive girl that looks for others to protect her. Her vocabulary is limited and when she expresses herself verbally, she tends to change certain phonemes. Ace has been diagnosed as slightly intellectually disabled because of the social-emotional deprivation and malnutrition that she experienced in the early years of her life. Ace has significant artistic abilities and enjoys activities where she is the center of attention, such as dancing, music, singing and crafts. She demonstrates initiative when she makes up her own choreography and shows her friends the different movements. School motivates her. She wants very much to become a part of a family where her needs for affection will be met and where she can feel loved, protected and totally cared for.

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