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AVBoy, 14 years old
Intellectual delays

Listed Oct 2016

A.V. is a very cheerful and sociable child. He is affectionate, sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others. He usually protects the smallest children and is very happy when he realizes these children feel safe at his side. He enjoys being the leader during games and activities and sometimes corrects and scolds others when he gets angry. A.V. seeks out emotional closeness with those who are most meaningful for him. He is used to demanding attention and being possessive with material things and with individuals with whom he identifies. e has adapted very easily to the rules where he lives and usually demonstrates an attitude of service. A.V. adapts to change without much of a problem. His reports are positive in terms of relationships, adaptation and showing great resilience. A.V. has difficulty expressing himself verbally when he articulates words. In his relationships with the other children that live at the institution, A.V. is friendly, prudent and respectful. An evaluation concluded that his intellectual abilities are border line and this is directly related to his perinatal history and social deprivation associated with abuse and malnutrition.

We only have this child’s file for a short time.

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