MARK for the Evans family — NC

mark1Martha and Mike live on a family farm in North Carolina. They have 2 children, one of whom they found on Reece’s Rainbow way back in 2009. Their daughter was completely deaf when adopted and now hears with the aid of Cochlear Implants. They knew their adoption story was not over but had not heard clearly the call of the Lord again until 2 years ago. They hosted a boy who lived in the same country from which they adopted their daughter. The hosting did not go well, and they were unsure about how to proceed. They prayed for this child when he went back to the orphanage and helped a wonderful local family with his needs that were not being met in the orphanage. During this past winter, the Evans family visited his orphanage to provide supplies and gifts.

Then they did something they never thought they would do…. they hosted the same boy, now a teenager, again. This time, the once scared, angry boy had seen and felt unconditional love. He knew people prayed for him and believed in him. He finally knew someone cared about him. His hosting experience went MUCH better!

When he left to return to his country, the Evans family prayed about whether they were supposed to move forward to adopt him. A few months later, the answer was a YES from the Lord. This young man was to be added to the Evans family!

Mike and Martha understand the challenges to be faced by adding an older child to the family and will do all they can to equip this boy to become a man of God. He knows he is already loved by God, and the Evanses long to show him the love of a family!

6/8/2017—APPT on JULY 24
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