STORY and STACY for the Tannehill family — FL

storystacyTannehillKevin and Danielle were high school sweethearts, brought together by a strong love for family, church and the outdoors. Married right out of high school, completing college and then turning to a strong desire to “grow” their family. In 2006 they were blessed with a daughter Cassidy. Shortly after “life” got busy and although they had always intended to have a large family the timing didn’t seem right. Then unexpectedly in 2013 Danielle experienced a health crises and underwent surgery to remove a large mass, thanks be to God that it was benign however complications left her unable to have any more children.

The last three years have been challenging, with a wave of various emotions. Over the last year God has laid it in their hearts that although this was not in their “plan” his timing is perfect. They have decided that adoption is a perfect opportunity to add to their family. They were originally planning on starting with one child, however when they heard that there was a sibling pair(one of which has special needs due to spina bifida) in jeopardy of being split if a family wasn’t found soon decided what better way to “grow” their family again with not one but two more. However, with this decision has come extra expenses, worry, and increased funding needs. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in trying to bring our children home.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support in bringing our family together.


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