leeleeGirl, born 2014
Spina bifida

Listed: Sept 20, 2016

Leelee went directly to Family Orphanage from the hospital after birth. She was born with spina bifida in the sacral, without hydrocephalus, operated on the first day of life. Because of neurogenic bladder, she is systematic catheterized.

Leelee is very cheerful and open, easily makes contact with new people. Leelee willingly playing with dolls, cradled them, she takes in the stroller and swings them, loves also look books. Motor development girl is behind schedule. Currently Leelee already able to run, although there she imbalance. It comes and goes down the stairs holding the railing with both hands, climbs up on a chair and goes down with him.

Leelee uses single words, which include the names of familiar people, actions, and everyday objects.

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