MAEVE for the Morales family — NY

Maeve EE4Together since 2001, Seana and Dan thought they were following their dreams, taking on new challenges on the work and home front and living life to the fullest. By 2012 Dan had started his own business and they, with their two children, had moved away from NYC to the country to start a little homestead. Life was good and they felt like they were on the right track. Little did they know that in just a few years, their lives would burst open with even more challenges and possiblities.

2012 was also the year that Seana came across the Reece’s Rainbow website and became overwhelmed by the faces…she had always wanted to possibly maybe adopt, but adopting a child with special needs seemed daunting and way out of her league. At the time, turning away from the enormity of need, the overwhelming sadness was the easier thing to do.

Everything changed when their third child was born with a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome in June 2014. The tender and fierce love that roared in their hearts opened up a new world–disability was no longer a scary or uncomfortable “other”–it was their son. And now they strongly felt that ALL life is precious, and that all lives have meaning and value.

Drawn back to the Reece’s Rainbow website, the faces became personal. Each of these precious children could easily be their child. Each of them deserved a family, and now their family felt completely capable and inspired. Now it was impossible to turn away.

Dan and Seana look forward to adding beautiful “Maeve” to their family. This gorgeous girl has captivated them since she was listed in early 2015. She will be their “baby” and will join their three children, who are thrilled and can’t wait to meet their little sister.

They are so thankful to Reece’s Rainbow, and all the people who work and advocate on behalf of these precious children.

8/16/17—FINAL TRIP AUG 26

$6,794.52 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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