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Andruis (L)


andruis-2015Born December 31, 2000
Down syndrome

Listed: 2007

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2014!   From one of our adoptive families who visited with him:  “The institution he is living in has undergone a lot of changes in the last year after a new director was appointed. The building has been remodeled so that the children now live in family style groups with multiple bedrooms for two children each, a living room, small kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms, laundry room and a visiting area. During free time the children move around between the rooms as they please and we have seen the children in Andruis’ group helping with some of the daily living tasks – clearing dishes, vacuuming, assisting children who cannot feed themselves and so on.  Andruis is in a group with seven other children of varying ages and special needs. He is a very quiet, peaceful, gentle boy. He prefers to play with dolls and stuffed animals and he generally keeps his distance from the loudest and most active children. We watched him sit with a much smaller, weaker child who crawled on Andruis and stroked his hair for a solid half an hour and Andruis was not at all defensive or rough with the littler boy. His caregivers say that he does not speak, but hears and understands what is said to him. He can dress and use the bathroom with minimal assistance. He has had trouble with his teeth since being transferred to the institution and eats only soft foods, but he feeds himself neatly and clears his own dishes when he is finished. He is shy and new people in his environment cause him to withdraw a bit, but I saw him snuggle up to and smile at a familiar caregiver and he interacts appropriately with the other children in the group.   He attends a nearby school for children with special needs and participates in many therapies and activities. If he is not adopted he will remain at the same institution for the rest of his life, moving from the children’s to the adult’s wing when he turns 21. The director is very interested in seeing children adopted, but a bit incredulous that anyone would want them. Our daughter is the first child ever to be adopted, domestically or internationally, from this institution. It would be wonderful if Andruis could be the second!”  

Thank God for a new photo and updated info about Andruis!    He is a New Year’s Eve baby, so he brings the promise of great things in every new year!   Andruis has some hearing loss and wears hearing aids. He continuously receives speech and music therapy.  As you can see from his photo, he is doing well, but desperately needs a family as he has been living at the institution since 2007.   Andruis attends the 5th grade at the special needs school.    He is able to walk/run and is active.  He smiles and is affectionate, but shy around people he doesn’t know.   He does not have much speech at all, but so much of this is due to his poor hearing.   Imagine how is world could open up with improved hearing aids!     His entire world, everything he processes, is delayed due to hearing impairment….signing may be the key to opening his whole world.  He is able to eat on his own.  He needs help with self-care/hygiene.   Andruis has SO much potential in a loving family.  He’s been waiting SO long and has lost so much time when he should have been at home!

From his medical records:  born premature at 35 weeks, 4th pregnancy.  Down syndrome, cognitively delayed, cochlear neuritis – hearing impairment. Atopic dermatitis. Hypermetropia on both eyes.   FULL MEDICAL RECORDS available upfront.

This is a GREAT country program, with excellent health and social care, and full medical records available upfront.    Andruis has been listed with us for many years, it’s his turn to find a family!   Interested families should be home study approved (or close to it)  to adopt an older institutionalized child and should not have very young children in the home.

Experienced adoptive families may be the best fit for Andruis.   Please inquire!   He is running out of time.

  • Married couples only (married at least 2 1/2 years)
  • Parents must be 18 years older than child; no more than 50 years old
  • Two unrelated children can be adopted together
  • Two trips are required

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