MIKALE for the Guarino family — PA

mikale-2016Life turned out to be very different from what Nancy had expected. The beauty of the unexpected brought with it confirmation of the strength of family, regardless of its shape and size. For many years, Nancy’s family consisted of herself and her Down syndrome son, Nicky. Deep down, Nancy always knew her family was not complete. Two and a half years ago, Maria (Margit on RR) joined her family. It was during the process of Maria’s adoption that Nancy was introduced to the dismal reality of life for many special needs children in other parts of the world. Nicky, now 22 years old, is and had always been a happy, joyful child. It was heartbreaking for Nancy to learn about what his life might have been like had he been born in a different part of the world. Maria had lived her life in an institution without having anyone to love her. The reality is harsh and difficult to see. Nancy and Nicky were thrilled to bring Maria into their family and embrace her with love and support. Maria has thrived and is full of joy. She brings joy to everyone she encounters. Nicky has loved taking on the role of big brother and Nancy now knows the blessing of opening your heart and family to a child in need. It really is possible to make a difference. For this reason, Nancy has decided to adopt again. Nancy, Nicky, and Maria are opening their hearts and their family to embrace a new family member. Nicky and Maria are excited to have a new sibling to share in the fun and Nancy eagerly awaits the gift of another child, giving him the love and support to thrive in a foundation of family love.

The Guarino family is very thankful for all types of support as they take on this journey.


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