HATTIE for the Willoughby family — KY

WilloughbyHattie (1)Virgil and Cindy Willoughby have been married 33 years. Virgil is a policeman and Cindy is a stay at home mom. If you had told the Willoughby’s 8 years ago that their family of 5 would soon be a family of 13 they would have laughed. After all, their children were all grown (the youngest was soon to graduate from high school) and they were both middle-aged. But God loves to do the unexpected. He whispered into their hearts as they read a devotion that talked about getting out of their comfort zones and really LIVING. The devotion gave several suggestions, one of which was adoption. It spoke to them both and after talking and praying, they soon began the process to bring home a daughter from China. Once they learned of the Waiting Children’s List, they knew that was the route they wanted to go. They went into the process knowing nothing about adoption. That first adoption they checked only some minor special needs. In 2010 they brought home a 6 year old daughter. It wasn’t long before God was calling them back. Less than a year later they were back in China adopting a 7 year old and one who turned 14 (the age children can no longer be adopted in China) minutes after landing back home. Their 14 year old would spend a month in the hospital less than a year after coming home for four very difficult surgeries to correct severe scoliosis that was limiting her lung function. Their 7 year old has already had numerous cleft surgeries, with more to come. No longer did the medical needs list concern them. They went from being willing to handle very few needs to almost any need. 2013 was another joyful year of welcoming 2 more daughters from China. Both were 5 years old. One is legally blind and the other has many neurological problems. In 2015 they were once again in China to adopt a completely blind 12 year old and a 6 year old with some hearing issues (now repaired) and cleft issues.

They have been blessed with 7 beautiful children from China in a little less than 7 years, and God is once more calling them back. This time they are working on paperwork to bring home Hattie, a 10 year old girl with cleft lip/palate and VSD (repaired). It is hard to believe that at the age of 53 and 51 they are soon to be parents again. God has worked in mighty ways and continues to do so every day. They covet your prayers and are grateful for any gifts that will help them bring this child, who has waited so long for a family, home.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog a elliourgiftfromgod.blogspot.com

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Hattie has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.