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 photo fwbutton150.pngCarrie-001Barrett familyMichelle is a single mother to four biological children. Brittany (24 years old) is very happily married with three beautiful children. Chase (22 years old) is engaged and is a Police Officer and Correction Officer. Chelsea (21 years old) is engaged and has a newborn son. Andrew (19 years old) is preparing to enter the military at the end of the year. Michelle also has four children that she have adopted. Tynsleigh (11 years old) was adopted from China through Reece’s Rainbow’s help. Trevor (8 years old) and Arianna (7 years old) are biological siblings that she adopted from the US Foster Care System. Brennan (4 years old) was adopted from China also with the help of Reece’s Rainbow.

Brennan is one of the very few that was adopted from China with a special need listed but is actually healthy and no special needs. Trevor and Arianna were adopted in 2011. Arianna was born with a cancerous tumor on her lower spine. The tumor was removed at birth and it left her with damaged tissue and muscles. She now has lower limb limited paralysis and limb difference on her right leg and is missing half of her hip. She does not let this slow her down and loves to run and jump and keep up with others her age. Trevor was born with Arthrogryposis affecting every joint. He had a double lower limb amputation in 2013 and now can stand and walk with the help of his Iron Man prosthetics and his walking contraption. He has shown the doctors that said he would never walk or stand that he doesn’t like the word “never”. Tynsleigh was adopted from China with Cerebral Palsy. Michelle saw her face in 2013 right after Trevor’s surgery but new the timing was not right. Her little shaven head and her dimple in her right cheek just kept haunting her thoughts. After a year she finally began the process to adopt. Michelle’s agency matched her with a sweet little boy that she brought home in Oct 2014. The whole time she advocated for this sweet little girl with Cerebral Palsy and a bald shaven head. The little girl kept popping up on websites and Facebook groups. Michelle was in love but wasn’t sure she would ever be able to adopt again because of the cost. Several Reece’s Rainbow families encouraged her and she committed to this little girl that was now 11 years old and had been waiting since she was 5 years old on the shared list. She is now home and has changed so much. The first day when Michelle adopted her she could not sit up by herself, feed herself, or do any other self help by herself. Now 6 months later she is now fully independent and WALKING everywhere (with the help of her Kaye Walker and orthotics).

Michelle’s agency listed a sweet 2 year old girl with an infectious smile and a dimple just like Tynsleigh. Michelle tried again to forget the little face but she kept popping up everywhere. This little girl looked like a mini 2 year old version of Tynsleigh with the same exact special need. This little girl will now be Tynsleigh’s little sister. She will be coming home to Michelle’s family.

She has stated that her greatest responsibility as a parent is to ensure that her children know that family is the foundation of our lives.

Any child that enters our family will be loved by four older brothers, four older sisters, two nieces, two nephews, a brother-in-law, grandparents, uncles, aunts and Michelle, their mother. Michelle’s children are very excited to welcome another child into the family.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family.

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