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Justin John

Justin2Boy, born 2005
Down syndrome

Listed: August 16, 2016

Justin is a sweet boy with a great sense of humor. He loved making silly faces when we were taking his picture. He is an intelligent little guy who is super well-mannered. While visiting him, we observed him clean up his candy wrappers, wipe off his mouth, and wash his hands without being told to. He is well behaved in school and always follows rules and instructions. Justin relates well with peers and adults and loves to help out and play with the younger children. Justin adjusts well to change as he started a new class this semester and adapted well with no problems. Justin is also very detail oriented. He is well organized and can describe something he saw with great detail. Justin is in third grade in a special education school that focuses more on social and basic living skills. He is able to read and write simple words and phrases. He enjoys picture books, animals, and coloring. One of his favorite things to do is play games with a basketball. While visiting Justin, he was great at repeating English words. We pointed to different body parts and he repeated, “eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears”. He also counted to ten with us!

Justin has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He lived in a foster home when he was younger but now lives in the orphanage. Justin understands what a family is and expressed that he very much wishes to have a mom and a dad of his own. What a blessing he will be to a family.

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