SUSIE for the Reid family — IL

Susie (2)

Reid SusieSusie (2)Jade & Annie Reid are high school sweet hearts! The first night they met, Annie was so nervous she sat on an exercise bike to avoid sitting by Jade on the couch! After they started dating, Annie knew Jade would be her future husband, and now they have officially been a couple for nearly 20 years!

In March of 2004, Jade & Annie were married in their home town where it all began, and started a life together there. In December of 2005 they welcomed their first daughter into the world. She had wild hair, and a big personality to match! Aubrie Grace was born & welcomed into the world as the first grand child on both sides of the family!

Shortly after Aubrie’s birth Jade & Annie took on the unimaginable task of building a new home, completely on their own! Jade worked hard with Annie’s father Stuart and they built a house on a beautiful pasture in 18 months time!

In the same year, just shy of Aubrie’s first birthday, Jade & Annie announced they were expecting their second child, a boy named Everett Mason. He arrived just before the house was completed and life was truly perfection in complete chaos. His sister Aubrie adored him, and loved being a big sister. Shortly after his birth the Reid’s moved into their new home!

The Reid’s thought life was complete until in May of 2010, they had the biggest surprise that baby #3 was on the way! They fully intended their 3rd child to be a surprise at birth! And a surprise she was indeed! The Reid’s found out in October of 2010 that their daughter would be rocking designer genes (Down syndrome) and also had a balanced AV Canal that would require open heart surgery after her birth.

In February 2011, Ollie Faith entered the world, stole hearts, and transformed minds. Not a day has been the same since she entered the Reid’s lives and she has monumentally impacted every person in their family!

In typical Ollie fashion, she sailed through open heart surgery, and has been a busy, joyful little girl in everything she does!!!

After Ollie, the Reid’s again thought their family was complete, but God works in the best ways! Adoption came into their prayers! In July of 2016, their next daughter was found! As soon as Annie saw her face & a video of her, she knew exactly where they would go to bring their little girl home!

Jade & Annie are over the moon excited!! Big sister, Aubrie, cried when she found out about the adoption & said she’s been praying for a baby sister for so long! And big brother, Everett, said he is willing to sit by his sister Aubrie in the back seat to allow room in the car for baby sister! Ha! And Ollie, well we are sure she will be excited when she figures out what is happening, and that she has a baby sister in her room!!!!

We can’t wait to get our daughter home & are so excited about the journey to get there!!!!


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